Toma Horseradish

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Outrageously delicious: proudly crafted in new york with our own sriracha and a chipotle-tomatillo sauce, instead of the traditional hot sauce. Flavor profile: we hear you horseradish fans! You love that extra spicy punch in the nose. Toma horseradish has significantly more horseradish for a more traditional flavor profile and kick. Good-for-you ingredients: toma is gluten-free, vegan, lower sodium per ounce, keto-friendly, and there are no added preservatives. Unlike other mixers, toma does not contain artificial flavors, hfcs, corn syrup, or msg. Only the good stuff! Our mixers are perfect for mother's day brunch and make great mother's day gifts. Pro tip: we recommend adding toma, your favorite spirit (or na spirit), and ice into a shaker. Give the cocktail a good shake to achieve the perfect consistency. Cheers! Shelf-stable: 12-month shelf-life. Once opened, keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3-4 weeks.

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