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This company used the most beautiful and healthiest amaryllis bulbs from one of the best producers in the world, Agro Floral Peru. Their mission is to supply the most suitable bulbs to archieve the best quality for the consumer.

    • These bulbs have all the energy and water in them to complete the blooming cycle
    • The bulbs are activated by temperatures of 70F or more. The higher the temperature, the faster the blooming
    • If the bulbs are showing any greenery, they should have the first open flowers in 4-6 weeks. If they are still dormant, they should have the first open flowers in 6-8 weeks
    • Light isn’t necessary for blooming but is important for photosynthesis (making the stalks and leaves green). This will naturally happen in natural or synthetic light
    • As the bulbs bloom, the water moves from the bulb into the stalks and flowers, making the bulbs top-heavy. As they bloom, they may require more support to be steady. Also, bulbs should be rotated to promote straight growth, if their light source comes from one direction
    • These bulbs have a minimum of 2 stalks and the majority have 3-4 blooming stalks, with a total bloom cycle of 10-14 weeks.

The beauty of their bulbs is that they don’t need to be planted or watered. They are perfect for urban environments, apartments, and lofts.